Casulo Lounge Caffé

The Lounge is one of the many high quality and distinct services available to our residents.

Located near the reception on the ground floor, the Lounge welcomes anyone who may visit us and delivers a casual and comfortable atmosphere in a modern enviroment filled with hospitality.
It is the ideal space where you can eat your breakfast, have a small snack, eat an appetizer before a meal or even where you can “grab a drink” with your friends at the end of the day.

The Lounge offers peaceful moments, where you can relax, hear good music, surf the web or read a book in our reading space.

It presents itself as a meeting point between various cultures, many of these originated by the diverse nacionalities of our residents and also as a place where generations cross and connect without any sort of prejudice.

And even though this is the “second home” of our residents, our doors and arms will always be open to welcome all who wish to visit us and enjoy themselves as if they were in their own homes.

Casulo Lounge, open every day:

Monday to thursday, from 08h30 until 01h00.

Friday, from 08h30 until 02h00

Saturday, from 11h00 until  02h00.

Sunday, from 11h00 until  01h00.


Visit us and suprise yourself with a casual atmosphere!



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