How to get there

From the Airport
Lisbon: you will find all the necessary information in www.metrolisboa.pt
Oporto: information available in www.metrodoporto.pt


By car
To those who travel from south, the best way is to take A1 highway direction "Norte" (north) or A8 highway direction "Norte" (north) and turn the first way out to "Leiria Sul".

To those who travel from north, if you take A1, the best option is to turn the only way out to "Leiria". If you use A29 and A17 highways, go straight to south and turn the second way out to "Leiria sul".

To those who travel from Beiras, take A23 highway direction Torres Vedras and then take A1 direction "Norte" (north) or you can also take A25 highway direction Aveiro and then take A1 highway direction "Sul" (south).


By bus
Leiria has good transport connections through the Bus Routes and the bus station is located in the city centre, thus being and an excellent option to get to the city. For more information about buses and timetables go to www.rede-expressos.pt and Rodoviária do Tejo www.rodotejo.pt.


By train
If you come from south, take the west line (about four hours between Lisbon and Leiria) and if you come from north, take the west line (passing by Figueira da Foz to Leiria or by Coimbra-B direction Leiria).
For more information about trains and timetables go to www.cp.pt.


In Leiria
You can use Mobilis to travel inside the city. For more information go to https://mobilis.pt/.