Is there a time limit to enter the residence?
All residents can come in and out whenever they wish to.
The apartments’ keys always have to be delivered at reception desk when leaving and picked up when arriving.
We assure a 24-hour reception service.

Can someone come into my apartment during my absence?
Should there be a need, the residence staff is allowed to enter the apartments during the guest’s absence.
These situations usually occur in cases of damages in the apartment or other major reasons.

How should we act when we choose the double regime?
The residents that opt for the double regime and don’t have a roommate to share the apartment with should share the room with another resident that is in an identical situation. If by arrival time there is no other resident to share the room, the resident willstay alone in the apartment. During this period the resident will only pay for the double accommodation regime.

How can I make a reservation?
You can make the reservation by filling in the pre-reservation form available online in www.casulo.pt.

Do you take group reservations?
Yes. In this case the stay might be shorter than the minimum period of two months.
There are special packages suitable for all needs.

How can we pay?
The payment should be made until the 8th each month. If you don’t respect this deadline, you should pay a fine of more 10% over the monthly amount.
The payment should be made by bank transfer.

May I receive visitors in my apartment?
Yes, all residents are allowed to receive visitors in the apartment until midnight. When arriving, the visitors must leave an identification document at reception.

Can visitors overnight in the apartments?
The residents in individual regime can receive visitors in the apartment to overnight. It only has the capacity to one visitor. Up to two nights a week there is no extra cost associated and bedding and towels aren’t supplied. For stays that last more than two days a week, they are charged the prices established, having the right to bedding and towels.
When it comes to the double regime, the guests must overnight in another apartment of the residence and that requires the payment of the established prices.

Do you take reservations from disabled people?
Yes, the building is prepared to receive people with physical disabilities. Furthermore, there is an apartment specially prepared to accommodate people with a disability in a comfortable and safe way.

What should we do to have the weekly bedding and towels change?
The bedding (sheets and pillowcase) and towels’ (face and bath towels) change takes place every Monday from 9am to 5pm.
The residents hand in the dirty laundry at reception and a new set will be available for them to collect.
If the resident arrives at the residence after 5, he would be able to get his set at reception, as long as the former set had already been delivered.

Do you serve breakfast?
Currently the residence is not serving breakfast.
Soon, with the opening of the cafeteria, it will be possible to have breakfast and other light meals. It will be an extra service and, therefore, it will not be included in the monthly fee.

Is it allowed to have animals in the apartments?
No. It is strictly forbidden to have any kind of animals in the apartments.